On the contrary to typical early stage VC fund we are focusing on later stage startups which have already solid business model and growing exponentially. 

Our investment criteria:

  • 100% secondary deals, no primary investment to the company;
  • focusing primarly on the Baltics and Finland, but are open to deals from the rest of CEE and Nordics;
  • preferably post series A, but not a must if company is already in scale up phase;
  • proven business model;
  • scaling phase;
  • exit potential in 3-5 years timeframe;
  • always aiming for a discount from the fair market value.

By having a portfolio of successful companies, we are able to provide the investors access to the best deals that are usually kept private and, therefore, offer a kind of "index fund of the best startups from the New Nordics".

Our deal process is lean and fast. We do not expect special conditions from the founders (e.g. board position, liquidation preference etc), however we need access to latest relevant management and legal data in order to validate company current situation. If you are founder/employee/early investor and would like to get more information about us, feel free to contact some of our Team members.

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